Alternative/Integrated Therapies

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction             Taken from the website: “The practice of mindfulness, rooted in an ancient meditation tradition, is a challenging and effective way to do something for yourself in a way that only you can do. It is a way of being fully in your life, recognizing the richness and possibility within daily routines, times of difficulty and pain, and times of joy and ease. Mindfulness is seeing life clearly as it is right now, whether we like it or not. When integrated with attitudes such as non-judging, curiosity and acceptance, this awareness invites us to awaken to the reality of what is actually happening (including the pleasant), accept that it is here, and discern a wise response. Research supports that, with practice, our responses become healthier, kinder, more skillful and creative while less automatic and habitual.”  Refer to the website for more complete information to determine if this is an avenue to pursue. There is a cost to this training of $425, scholarship applications are available.

Essentrics is a type of physical rehabilitation that uses stretching exercises to gently improve flexibility and muscle and tendon health throughout the body. One of the Canadian women who developed Classical Stretch and Essentrics, Miranda Edmond-White,  developed a rehabilitation series that helped her in her own recovery from breast cancer surgery.  She has made it free to others at this website:

Eccentrics classes are also offered locally in Iowa City by Collin Kerstetter through her business,, 319-328-8177,


Therapeutic or Healing Touch:  A number of Bosom Buddies have found Healing Touch to be helpful during breast cancer treatment and recovery. Several women were part of a research study at UIHC designed to evaluate the effective benefit of healing touch during treatment versus a control group not receiving this added treatment. See the following 2 links for slightly differing views regarding the practice of Therapeutic/Healing Touch in order to make an informed decision about considering this therapy:  Healing Touch International  is now known as  Healing Beyond Borders  and Complementary and Alternative Medicine on .

Local Practitioners: The information below is only given as potential options for personal exploration without specific recommendation unless otherwise noted. Also, this list is not a complete listing and will be updated as I am made aware of additional practitioners.

The 1st three Healing Touch Practitioners listed below have certification levels 1-5 and also are certified in training others who desire to become certified practitioners.  After the 1st three listings, I have listed practitioners alphabetically by last name:

Lisa Bormann, CHTP, Complementary Healing Interventions, 135 W Zeller, North Liberty, IA 52317, email, 319-330-0623. She can assist in scheduling HT practitioners to assist a person desiring HT treatment during medical cancer treatment.

Maggie Freel, RN, MEd, CHTP/1, HN-BC, Iowa City,  email, She is an instructor of Healing Touch levels 1-5 and practitioner of healing work.  Phone # 351-3000.

Laura Hart, RN, MEd, PhD, CHTP/1, Iowa CIty, email  She is a Healing Touch instructor and practitioner of healing work.  Phone # 351-3000.

Lucy David, MFA, Reiki Master, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Cell Level Healing (3 workshops), Holographic Memory Resolution—Levels 1 & 2; Iowa City.  Email, phone # 319-331-5212.

Eastwind Healing Center,  located in downtown Iowa City, 221 E College Street, Suite 211, 52240, 319.337.0686—the second floor of the Plaza Towers Bldg.  See the Website for full details of therapies offered.

The Reverend Lori Erickson: The HT clinic at Trinity Episcopal Church no longer exists.  Lori is now affiliated with New Song Episcopal Church in Coralville, but there is not room for a HT clinic at that location.  She and others will soon be meeting with one of the Methodist Churches in Coralville in hopes of reestablishing the community of practice that previously existed at Trinity.  Stay tuned for further information.  Lori continues to practice HT and can be reached at email or 338-5627.

Kerri Husman & Todd Leach: Mammoth Hills Health and Healing, Explore option information within their website under Healing Touch and Giving Back.  Quoting from their Giving Back initiative:

Ten percent of our clinic hours are devoted to volunteering. We support Bosom Buddies of Johnson County:

There are several volunteers that can help during chemo and radiation, which is fantastic. There are fewer volunteers available after those options are no longer viable options, for whatever reason. There comes a time where modern medicine is not slowing or stopping tumor growth or the treatment has become unbearable to tolerate due to side effects and/or significant reduction in quality of life.

We offer both healing touch and core shamanism services to help with pain relief, return of energy, and improving quality of life during this most challenging time, as well as to assist with end of life.

Please contact us to see if we have time available to support you or your loved one.  If our volunteer slots are full, we also offer a discount on services if you qualify for social security or quality for Medicare, and we also offer discounted packages.


Sandy Kemp, MA, CHTP, 2412 Towncrest Dr, Iowa City, IA 52240 (located In business of Acupuncture of Iowa & Towncrest Natural Health Clinic), 319-512-8659,  Sandy went through cancer treatment in 2007 and enjoys full health.  She offers a free 30 minute consultation.  See her business website at Sandy Kemp Energy Therapy.  Her website also has links to her information on LinkedIn and Facebook and includes a blog that begins with an informative article “Healing Touch For Cancer Care”. In addition to Sandy’s Healing Touch practice, other therapeutic practitioners located in this business include Laura Christensen, MA, MAc, LAc, Chinese Medicine; Doreen McNeal, LMT, CranioSacral Therapy & Massage; Joseph Dudley, MSOM, LAc, DC, ND, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, & Naturopathy; Traci Davis, Reflexology; and Amber Thunell, CTP, Trager Approach.

Mary Kirkpatrick, CHTP, Peace-Full Healing, 431 Elmridge Ave, Iowa CIty, IA 52245,, 319-338-2617. I also found a 2nd phone number of 319-430-0861. I did not find a website for this practitioner, but did find her listed on the website for Iowa Holistic Resources.

Marcia Lippert, CHTP,, 319-321-5654.

Shari Stevens, A Healing Touch Massage & Reiki,, Email, 319-341-7144, 804 Caroline Ave, Iowa City, IA.

Mary Beth Versgrove, RPH, MS, CHTP, 720 S. Dubuque St, Ste 3, Iowa City,, 319-621-7795.

In the words of former Bosom Buddy Joy Bayshore who received Healing Touch from Lori Erickson and many other practitioners through Trinity Episcopal Church’s Healing Touch Program: “My own personal story of Healing Touch is that I had 6+ weeks of radiation following a lumpectomy. The cancer had spread out to the lymph nodes so they hit me with a pretty good dose of radiation. I made sure that after every radiation, I had a healing touch practitioner work on me (both the University and the Mercy radiation oncologists are open to having that done in their offices.) At the end of the treatment, there was absolutely no break down in my skin. )It never once even itched. I also lathered the area with pure aloe vera gel several times a day. – at the co-op for about $7 a tube).The doctor was pretty impressed with those results. I had subsequent radiation treatments on other areas of my body and managed to get Healing Touch at least three times a week during those times. I believe that really helped lessen the symptoms. Also, being gently and lovingly touched by caring hands is a wonderful thing for a cancer patient to experience so often. I do have one non-cancer example to give you. This winter I fell flat on my face, and the area around my eyes turned a lovely purple/red. I went to see my Healing Touch practitioners and after they were done they told me to look in the mirror. Sometime during treatment the purple/red on my eyelids had receded almost to the outside corners of my eyes and the majority of the eyelid areas was normal. I am taking oral chemotherapy every day so I still see healing touch practitioners twice a week every other week so they can detox my body.”

Additionally, Joy Bayshore recommended Physical Therapy as a potentially beneficial practice in the recovery component of breast Cancer:  Maureen Russo, PT was able to help me a lot with range of motion problems I experienced and pain in my rib wall. She’s at 720 S. Dubuque St 621-4876. And unless you are really, really sold on the first doctor you talk to, I would urge patients to interview both at the UIHC and at Mercy. “


Casting For Recovery: Bosom Buddies member Sharon Beckman took part in the Iowa rendition of this national program as part of her healing process.  She indicated that this great group plans a retreat for survivors (14 are chosen yearly in Iowa) which involves sharing one’s journey while learning to fly fish. Sharon participated in October 2015 and found it to be a reflective weekend with amazing women from across the state.  13 survivors, about 8 volunteers, and 13 river guides for the actual fishing participated.  And it’s FREE…Casting for Recovery Iowa does fundraising so that it costs nothing but a one day fishing license and trout stamp.  Explore this as a recovery option on the following link:; within this link,  go to Living: Find a CfR retreat near you! Apply. You will find links for individual states and can apply online if this is a resource you would like to try.


Massage Therapy:  Sharon Beckman also wanted to note that Cassie Meade, someone she considers one of the best massage therapists in the area has moved to Skin Deep Salon and Spa.  Contact information for that Spa is located under Hair and Skin Care Resources.

These resources last updated 10/25/16



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