City Park Here We Come!

We have lucked out.  The chance of rain for 6pm and beyond is now only 15 or 20%.   Since there hasn’t been any rain today, I think we will be fine to congregate in the grassy area in lower city park across the road from the large parking lot. I have 2 foldable chairs in bags and will have masks to give away.  So looking forward to reconnecting.  Looks like we could have 10-12.  Jedn

Try a shelter if rains vs another evening

A new member who hopes to attend tomorrow night suggested that we could try using one of the shelters if we run up against rain. If it’s not an absolute downpour, I am game to try that if we have a consensus of others willing to trudge out in potentially nasty weather.  Shelters are 1st come, 1st served.  I would suggest that we stick to lower City Park due to the ease of parking in the large lot that is beyond the Riverside stage and the pond.

Personally, if the rain materializes tomorrow, I would prefer having nice sunny weather and switching to Wednesday or Thursday evening, chance of rain is 20% both nights, if either night works for others. At the moment, we have 9 attendees with 2 additional maybes.

Jedn,, 594-7850

Tuesday could be rainy!

Well, we do live in Iowa where the weather can be rather unpredictable. Obviously, if the 50% chance of daytime rain and 80% chance of nighttime rain materializes, we will have to postpone doing a City Park gathering.  It will be hard to know until that day whether we are on or off.  So please stay tuned to your email and/or the website before heading out for a final decision.

Missing my BB sisters,


BB meet at City Park June 30?

Well, I sure dropped the ball on setting up a Zoom meeting! Mia Culpa!  Instead of a Zoom meeting, I would like to propose meeting at City Park for a little social distancing while wearing masks. Bring a chair or blanket to sit on, perhaps a snack or something to drink so we can chat for a bit. How about Tuesday, June 30th at 6 PM.  We could park in the large lot in lower City Park and congregate just to the East in a grassy area. I have been sewing face masks galore and would love to share them with my BB and yoga communities.  Please post if this works for you.  I am also game to set up a daytime option, just give me your suggestions if next Tuesday doesn’t work for you.  I am also willing to home deliver to those not able or comfortable meeting in a group.

If weather doesn’t cooperate, we will reschedule.

Jedn,, 594-7850


Anyone interested in connecting through Zoom?

Melissa Fath has suggested that we consider trying a shared “at home” dinner via Zoom. I am sure that most of us have missed both the camaraderie of our Bosom Buddies monthly dinners as well is our twice weekly yoga sessions. I decided to use the BB website rather than our yoga website to get a response of who might be interested in attempting this as everyone has access to all the responses on the BB website:

Melissa actually has access thorough her UI email to set up as the host of  a Zoom “meeting” which could be set up to begin at a given time and we wouldn’t have a length time limit.

If you are interested, but aren’t familiar with Zoom, we could consider doing a Zoom session that didn’t include dinner just to help those interested in becoming comfortable with this technology.

I have used Zoom to engage in some yoga and other exercise classes.  As I have an iPad, I downloaded the Zoom meeting app.  However, one can sign in from any internet capable device (laptop desktop computer, tablet, smartphone) without the app, you would Jayne linked through your browser. It is definitely hard to see everyone from a small devise like a phone.  There is the capability to have both audio and video plus have multiple participants show up on your screen.  

If we decide to give this a try, Melissa would provide a link via email to be used by whoever wants to connect. Melissa, the only way I can send it to everyone is if I can copy the link to send out as a notice via the BB website.  We may need to research if this will work.  Or I may need to see if I have recognizable email addresses to just forward your email with the link to those who expressed an interest

If we make this a dinner meeting, each person could elect to support one of their favorite restaurants that does carry out &/or delivery to provide some support to local businesses or have your own food prepared at home.

I also suggest that we include our yoga instructors if they would like to join us in a get together.

I realize this is a lengthy proposal, but please read it all, and respond if you are interested in exploring this option.  Trying something  new will stretches the brain. Please attach your name to your response.

Missing my BB and Yoga Community!




BB meeting 1/14/2020at 6 PM

Bosom Buddies will be meeting at Vesta, Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 6 PM. Please RSVP by noon on Monday, 1/13/20 so that I can contact Vesta with our registration.

I just finished updating our Schedule page for the next year on our website and suggest that you mark our gatherings and other related events on your calendar as reminders of dates to save.  Here is the link to that information:

I look forward to sharing time with you during this year!

Hugs and Health to all of my Bosom Buddies!


BB Holiday Gathering

Bosom Buddies will be meeting for our annual Holiday Gathering at Vesta in Coralville Iowa River Landing on Wednesday, 12/11/19, 6 PM.  I have already reserved the front room area we have had in the past, anticipating we will likely have anywhere from 15-25 attending.  Please be sure to RSVP by Monday, 12/09/19 so that I can give the restaurant a firm number.  Parking in the lot across the street from the restaurant that is normally reserved for the Automobile Museum can be used since our function begins after the museum is closed for the day.  There is also on-street parking and a lot behind the businesses that face the street, entrance to it is a ways down that street.

We also need to explore meeting options for next year.  I am fine with continuing to rotate Maggie’s and Vesta unless anyone has any new suggestions.  I propose at least  continuing with Vesta as they are always very accommodating to our group.

Hoping to see many of you on 12/11/19.  Jedn Bordón